Head of Office:  Prof. Dr. Muhammad Samad
Designation:  Pro-Vice Chancellor (Administration)


Office of the Pro-Vice Chancellor was Established in 1976.
List of the Pro- Vice Chancellors :

  1. Professor Mofizullah Kabir 30.11.76 - 03.02.81
  2. Prof. Muhammad Afsar Uddin 04.02.81 - 03.05.81
  3. Professor M. Shafiullah (Acting) 04.05.81 - 23.08.81
  4. Professor A.K.M. Siddique 24.08.81 - 22.08.85
  5. Prof. M. Ramjan Ali Sarder (Acting) 23.08.85-03.09.85
  6. Professor Abdul Mannan 04.09.85 - 01.07.86
  7. Prof. Abdullah Faruque (Acting) 19.11.86 - 12.12.86
  8. Professor Emajuddin Ahmed 13.12.86 - 12.12.90
  9. Professor Wakil Ahmed 18.12.90 - 17.12.94
  10. Professor Shahid Uddin Ahmed 05.04.95 - 02.01.99
  11. Professor Md. Shahadat Ali 01.02.99 - 12.11.01
  12. Professor Z. N. Tahmida Begum 12.11.01-09.05.02
  13. Professor Dr. A. F. M. Yusuf Haider 25.07.02 to 23.01.2009
  14. Professor Dr. Harun-or-Rashid 24.01.2009 -9.6.2012
  15. Professor Dr. Shahid Akhtar Hossain (Administration)- 9.6.2012 -8.6.2016
  16. Professor Dr. Nasreen Ahmad (Academic )- 9.6.2012 -continue
  17. Professor Dr. Md Akhtaruzzaman (Administration) -23.6.2016 -05.09.2017
  18. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Samad (Administration) - 28.5.2018-

Appointment and the Responsibilities of the Pro-Vice Chancellor.
(1) According to the P.O. order 1973, Article 13(1) the Chancellor may, if he deems fit so to do, appoint one or more Pro-Vice Chancellors on such terms and conditions and for such period as he may determine. (2) Article 13(2) the Pro Vice Chancellor shall perform such duties as may be prescribed by the statutes and University Ordinances. See, Dhaka University order 1973, 31-1(a), 16(1)(i) of the 1st Statute, Syndicate Resolation dated 27.12.76, 20.1.77, 27.12.76, 24.8.80, 16.4.77.
According to the Dhaka University statutes Syndicates resolution and order of the Vice Chancellor the following work have been entrusted upon the Honorable Pro-Vice Chancellor :
(A) According to the Dhaka University order, 1973 and Statutes :
(1) Chairman, Finance Committee - Dhaka University Order 1973, 31-1(a)
(2) Chairman, Selection Committee for appointment of Assistant Professor and Lecturer. - 16(1)(i) of the 1st Statutes.
(B) Entrusted Responsibilities :
(1) To dispose of all such matters related to class III and class IV employees which have been hitherto dealt with by the Vice-Chancellor provided that this delegation shall not cover powers given to the Vice-Chancellor in respect of the aforesaid by the Dhaka University Order, 1973 and Statutes. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(2) To grant leave other than study leave and duty leave (S.M. Dated 27.12.76) (i) To all teachers other than Chairman upto one month (ii) To all officers other than Heads of Offices upto one month.
(3) To dispose of applications of Assistant Professors, Lecturers and Officers for Scholarships, fellowships and Assistantships and employment outside. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(4) To review the under Graduate Scholarships and Stipends and M.Phil. Scholarships. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(5) To dispose of all matters relating to admission. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(6) To dispose all matters relating to Syllabi. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(7) To extend the date for collecting of fees if when and when necessary. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(8) To dispose of all matters relating the Crossing of Efficiency Bar in respect of subordinate Administrative Officers. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(9) To dispose of matters relating to publication of results of various examinations and sign Tabulating Sheets. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(10) To dispose of all matters relating to Annual Report. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(11) To accept resignation of Subordinate Administrative Officers. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(12) To approve Examination Centres and Examination Time-Table. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(13) To dispose of matters relating to: (S.M. Dated 27.12.76) (i) Sanction of Telephone (ii) Pension cases (iii) Holidays and Vacations (iv) Printing of Wall Calendar (v) Celebration of National Day and Condonation of Shortage of percentage.
(14) To dispose of matters relating to Stipends/ Scholarships from the following Trust Funds : (S.M. Dated 27.12.76) (i) Raja Kali Narayan Scholarship (ii) Shanti Sudha Stipend (iii) S.K. Das Gupta Stipend.
(15) To dispose of matters relating to book prize from the following Trust Funds: (S.M. Dated 27.12.76) (i) Pope Memorial Gold Medal (ii) Nil Ratan Sarker Gold Medal (iii) Baharul-Ulum Obaidy Sarwardy Gold Medal (iv) Debendra Kumar Roy Silver Medal (v) Brennand Prize (vi) University prize of books for standing First in First Class (on Hons. and Master Degree Examination results).
(16) To include in the agenda of the Syndicate and the Academic Council matters of rutine nature instead of placing the same for the approval of the Vice Chancellor. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(17) Chairman, House Building Advance Committee. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(18) To sanction loan from Provident Fund. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(19) To sanction expenditure upto 25,000/- out of Revenue Budget for one item. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(20) Chairman, Liveries supply committee. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(21) Chairman, Committee for Foundation of Japanies Culture and Studies. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(22) Chairman, Translation Bureau. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(23) Chairman, Efficiency Bar Committee for Administrative Officer (Other then the sub-ordinate Officers). (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(24) Chairman of the committee for awarding of : (S.M. Dated 27.12.76) (i) The Fazlur Rahman Gold Medal (ii) The Syed Akhtarunnessa Begum Gold Medal (iii) The Rashidul Hasan Memorial Scholarship (iv) The Muit Khan Award (v) The Shahid Ghyas Brite (vi) The Gokul Chandra Memorial Stipend (vii) The Abdul Hai Memorial Prize (viii) The Chou-En-Lai Scholarship (ix) The Santisodha Stipend.
(25) Chairman, K.K. Datta Law Lecture. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(26) Chairman, Staff Welfare Committee. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(27) Chairman, Health Board. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(28) Chairman, Committee for the award of Scholarships other then Post-Graduate Scholarships and Research Scholarships. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(29) Chairman, Standing Committee for recommendation of all Post-Graduate Scholarships. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(30) Chairman, Sports Board. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(31) Chairman, Board of Trustees of Ibrahim Memorial Trust. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(32) Chairman, Board of Trustees of Matiur Rahman and Salekunnessa Foundation. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(33) To dispose all natters relating to the D.U. Library. (S.M. Dated 20.01.77)
(34) All matters connected with printing in the D.U. Press. (S.M. Dated 20.01.77)
(35) Granting unerrned increments of teachers for obtaining higher degree. (S.M. Dated 20.01.77)
(36) Granting Annual increments to teachers and Officers of the University. (S.M. Dated 20.01.77)
(37) Payment of Subscription to International Association. (S.M. Dated 20.01.77)
(38) Chairman, A.K. Das Gupta Foundation. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(39) Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Sayedur Rahman Foundation. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76) (40) Chairman, Degree Examination Controlling Committee. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(41) Chairman, Committee regarding determination of age. (S.M. Dated 27.12.76)
(43) Chairman, Board of Trustees for Nurunnessa Khatun Bidyabinodini Trust. (S.M. Dated 16.04.77)
(44) To dispose all matters relating to the Dhaka University Library. (S.M. Dated 16.04.77)