Faculty Name: Faculty of Law
Head of Office:  Dr. Md. Rahmat Ullah
Designation:  Dean (Acting)


Welcome to the Faculty of Law, the University of Dhaka. Thank you for your interest in the Faculty. The prospectus provides a general overview of the Faculty and its Department.

The Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka is home for those law students who desire and deserve to make a change in the intellectual and practical premises of the law. Traditionally, the best students among those who qualify for admission to the University of Dhaka under B-unit (Arts Faculty) and D-unit (combines Science, Humanities and Business Studies groups) opt to study law. So, it can be legitimately claimed that the Faculty accommodates a group of very bright students of the country.

At present, we have 43 full time academics, of whom 24 are PhD holders, having excellent academic records, expertise and experience in different aspects and areas of laws. The Faculty has 20 professors all of whom received their degrees from world renowned law schools.

As a team, we believe that legal education must combine necessary aspects of modern teaching-learning praxis which is essentially a diverse yet balanced fusion of theory and practice. Law being among others, a technical subject demands an objective and material introduction and projection of technical details based on the mandates of law. Under the Faculty of Law we mould law students for a legal profession that is commensurate with a modern society. The graduates of this faculty with their skills, ethics and values work for building a society with justice and equality. We heartily endeavour to maintain the high standard of legal education. The Faculty, alongside necessary offices, staffs and teaching learning equipments are purposed to facilitate standard legal education. To support the students in their private and official matters, there is a Student Advisors' Office where student counseling, advising and other services are provided to the students by the assigned teachers.

It is noteworthy that the Faculty is now planning to extend its wings in furtherance of its commitment to provide legal education of global standard. To this end, the Faculty will soon open an Internship Office, an Outreach Office, a Research Desk and an E-library. The Faculty will arrange seminars and conferences on a regular basis. It will also engage in collaboration and exchange programs with other world renowned universities.

I expect that the Faculty of Law in its journey through the twenty first century shall gradually gain the status of one of the best law schools in the world. I invite all the students to this tedious, yet enlightening journey.


Dr. Md. Rahmat Ullah

Professor and Dean (Acting) 

Faculty of Law

University of Dhaka