Faculty Name: Faculty of Science
Head of Office:  Dr. Tofail Ahmed Chowdhury
Designation:  Dean (Acting)


Dr. Tofail Ahmed Chowdhury
Dean (Acting)

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Dhaka University opened its doors to the students on the 1st July 1921 with only three faculties, namely the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Law. The Faculty of Science started its journey with only three departments namely, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Over the years the Faculty has undergone significant changes. New Departments have been established with the increase of the number of students and subsequently new Faculties have been created to cater the needs of the new Departments.

The Faculty of Science offers four year B.S. Honours course and one year M.S. course (both in thesis and non-thesis group). This Faculty is also offering two year M. Phil. degree and three year Ph. D degree. Faculty of Science has awarded M. Phil. degree to 109 students and Ph. D degree to 154 students since its inception.

Departments under the Faculty of Science:

(1) Physics, (2) Mathematics (3) Chemistry (4) Statistics (5) Theoretical Physics (6) Biomedical Physics and Technology (7) Applied Mathematics and (8) Theoretical and Computational Chemistry.

Brief description of Eight Departments
Department of Physics

Year of Establishment: 1921
Founder Chairman: Professor Dr. W. A. Jenkins
Current Chairperson: Dr. (Mrs.) Nasima Ferdous
Number of Current Faculties: 41
Number of Students: 1283
E-mail: physics@univdhaka.edu

Research in the Department

Solid State Physics, High Energy Physics, Physics of Liquid Metal, General Relativity, Atomic Physics, Bio-Physics, Laser Physics, Physics of low temperature, Nuclear Physics, Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology, Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics etc.
A number of Faculty members are engaged in collaborative research with the Universities of USA, Europe and Abdus Salam ICTP in Trieste, Italy.

Department of Mathematics

Year of Establishment: 1921
Founder Chairman: Professor Bhupati Mohon Sen
Current Chairman: Professor Dr. Amulya Chandra Mandal
Number of Current Faculties: 38
Number of Students: 1694

Research in the Department

Group Theory, Ring Theory, Number Theory, Topology, Functional Analysis, Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Relativity and Cosmology, Numerical Analysis, Generalized Functions, Operations Research, Mathematical Physics, Fluid Mechanics, Mathematical Hydrology, Magnatohydrodynamics, Mathematical Biology, Differential Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Fuzzy Mathematics.

Department of Chemistry

Year of Establishment: 1921
Founder Chairman: Professor Sir J. C. Ghosh
Current Chairman: Dr. (Mrs.) NIlufar Nahar
Number of Current Faculties: 46
Number of Students: 935
E-mail: chem@univdhaka.edu

Research in the Department

Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
Preparation of inorganic solids and their characterization, Drug-Metal interactions, Interaction of metal ions with macrocyclic compounds, Co-ordination chemistry, Solute-solvent interaction, Waste water treatment, Determination of arsenic in soil, water and food materials, Study of micronutrients, Al and Zn in blood serum.
Organic Chemistry
Isolation and structure elucidation of biologically active compounds from medicinal plants and endophytic fungus, Phytochemistry, Studies in organic pollutants in food and environment, Development of anti-diabetics from plants, Isolation and characterization of anticancer compounds, Fatty acid analysis in fat, oil and food materials. Physical Chemistry
Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Photochemistry, Nanochemistry, Nanocomposite, Wastewater treatment, Electrocoagulation, Drug-metal interaction, Cyclic voltametry, Solvent-solvent interaction, Micellar caterlysis, Oxidative reduction of pollutants in water, Supramolecular chemistry, Development of new metabolites Treatment of wastewater containing textile dyes, Uses of tea leaves as an adsorbents etc.
The Department has collaborative research with a number of National (BIRDEM, BARI, BINA etc.) and International (IPICS, Uppsala University Sweden, ISESW etc.) organizations.

Department of Statistics, Biostatistics and Informatics

Year of Establishment: 1950
Founder Chairman: Professor Dr. Qazi Motahar Husain
Current Chairman: Professor M A Jalil
Number of Current Faculties: 35
Number of Students: 1281
E-mail: stat@univdhaka.edu

Research in the Department

Applied and theoretical research in the diverse areas of Statistics, Biostatistics, Econometrics, Population studies, Sampling, Experimental Design, Robustness, Data mining, Informatics etc.

Department of Theoretical Physics

Founder Chairman: Dr. A.M. Harun-ar- Rashid
Current Chairman: Dr. Mohammed Arshad Momen
Number of Current Faculties: 3
Number of Students (MS 15, Ph.D 2): 17
E-mail: theoretical_phy@univdhaka.edu, thanif@univdhaka.edu

Research in the Department

Particle Physics and Condensed matter Physics aiming to develop fundamental and Interdisciplinary Sciences.

Department of Biomedical Physics & Technology

Year of Establishment: 2008
Founder Chairman: Professor Dr. Khandaker Siddique-e-Rabbani
Current Chairman: Muhammad Abdul Kadir
Number of Current Faculties: 2
Number of Students (M Phil 5, Ph.D 3): 8

Research in the Department

Design and Develop low cost medical instruments for technology dissemination in the Third World. The research group of Biomedical Physics & Technology has already achieved significant innovations in following fields, (i) Destruction of diarrhoeal germs in water at low cost using simple and easily available materials, which also provide an indirect means of solving arsenic problem. ii) A novel Focused Impedance Method (FIM) with significant potential in the detection and diagnosis of disorders and disease of lungs, stomach and certain cancers, in monitoring of radiotherapy, etc. This idea has received international acclaim on which Universities in UK and Korea have already started work. iii) Discovery of a new neuro physiological parameter named Distribution of F-latency (DFL), having potential in the detection and diagnosis of peripheral neuropathy. iv) Design and development of low cost medical instruments for technology dissemination in the Third World.

Internationally recognised Professor S. N. Bose of Physics, Qazi Motar Husain of Statistics, M. H. Khundkar of Chemistry were associated with this Faculty. These eminent scientists made extraordinary contributions in science.

Two research centres are running under the Faculty of Science, namely Bose Centre for Advanced Study and Research in Natural Sciences (Director: Professor Shamima K Chowdhury), and Semiconductor Technology Research Centre (Director: Professor Dr. A.K.M. Maqbulur Rahman). The Centre provides research grants for Faculty members. The Chairman, Department of Chemistry is the Director of Organic Pollutant Research Centre.

The Faculty of Science regularly publishes, The Dhaka University Journal of Science twice a year.


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