Head of Office:  Md. Bahalul Haque Chowdhury
Designation:  Controller of Examinations

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The office of the Controller of Examinations is one of the largest and most important office of the University of Dhaka. During the foundation of this University in 1921 there was no separate entity of this office. The total functions related to Examinations were performed by the ‘Examination section’ of Registrar’s office. At that time the Registrar discharged the duties in addition, which is now discharged by the Controller of Examinations.

It was the only University in the Eastern zone of undivided Bengal and at that time there was no affiliated or constituent Colleges under this University. Due to termination of British realm and independence of India and Pakistan fiftyfive Colleges of East Bengal which were under the University of Calcutta came within the jurisdiction of the University of Dhaka in 1948.

As a result the pressure of function of the said Examination section expanded very much suddenly. Reasonably it was felt indispensable to establish a separate office absolutely for the Examinations purpose.

In the circumstances the said Examination section has been detached from the Registrar’s office in 1948. The new office is known as “Office of the Controller of Examinations’’ and appointed a “Controller of Examinations�.

A list of the Controller of Examinatons with their serving period are mentioned below:-

1. Mr. Mirza Akhtar Hossain 1948 – 1950.
2. Mr. Abdur Rab Choudhury 1950 – 1955.
3. Mr. Mahabubur Rahman Khan 1955 – 1966.
4. Mr. Mohammad Masud Khan 1966 – 1982.
5. Mr. Shah Mohammad Habibur Rahman 1982 – 2000.
6. Mr. Md. Abdul Latif 2000 –

During the first stage the following Examinations were conducted by the Examination Section of this University :- B.A & B.Sc (Pass & Hon’s), M.A., M.Sc, L.T, B.T., B.L., Ph.D, & D.Sc.

At present the following examinations of fifty one Departments, Nine Institutes and fifty three affiliated and constituent colleges & Institutes are controlled and conducted by this office :-
Honours Exam. :- B.A., B.Sc., LL.B, B.S.S., B.Pharm., B.F.A., B.Ed., B.B.A., B.Sc. in (Home Economics, Physiotherapy and Occupational therapy).
Masters Exam. :- M.A, M.S.S., M.F.A., M.Ed., M.B.A., LL.M., M.S., M.Pharm., M.Sc. in (Home Economics)
M.Phil.& Ph.D. (Research Degree).
Others Exam. :- B.Sc (Pass in Home Economics), B.Sc (in Textile Technology, Leather Technology, Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Physiotherapy, Engineering, Technical Education, Teachers Training) and M.B.B.S., B.D.S., B.H.M.S., B.A.M.S., B.U.M.S., P.S.M., M.Phil., M.S., M.D., and Diploma. Junior certificate course, Senior Certificate course, Diploma, Higher Diploma in languages and Military Science.

For smooth and rapid service the whole functions of this office divided in to the following sections and one or more than one officers has been assigned in each section.The sections are given below:

1) Traditional Exam. Preparation
2) Course Syestem Exam. Preparation
3) M.Phil & Ph.D. (Research)
4) Script
5) Tabulation Sheets Preparing and printing
6) Result Publication
7) Marks Sheets
8) Certificates / Diplomas
9) Reports & enquiry
10) Examination Committees & Syllabuses
11) Establishment
12) Bills
13) Store and
14) Despatch.

Core activities of the office mentioned below in a nutshel :-

1. Announcement of programs of all kinds of Examinations such as date, time and place of examinations.

2 Announcement of date of filling up of Entry Forms, Submission of Fees and receiving of Entry Forms.

3. Appointment of Examination Committees, Paper setters, Moderators etc.

4. Issuing of Admit Cards, preparing of Roll sheets etc. and supplying it to the respective Halls and Colleges/Institutes.

5. Supplying of questions papers, Scripts and relevant papers and documents to the respective Exams Centers,Colleges and Institutes.

6. Appointment of Invigilators, performing of official duties in the Examination Halls.

7. Taking of necessary steps against any examinee for any anti-disciplinary work in the Examination Halls.

8. After receiving the Scripts from Examination Centre or Internal Examiner it is sent with required papers to the respective External Examiners.

9. Drafting of Tabulation sheet and sending it to the respective Chairman of the Examination Committees for their approval then the copy is prepared according to the approved Draft and then it is sent to the Press for printing.

10. After receiving the printed Tabulation sheet is compared with Entry Forms of each student with proper care for a little correction. Then it is sent to the respective Chairman of the Examination Committees for preparation of result by the tabulators.

11. Arrangement of publication of result in time and supplying it to the relevant Departments, Halls, Colleges, Institutes and various sections.

12. Preparing of Mark sheets, Provisonal Certificate/Diploma as desired.

13. Permission to submit fees.

14. Order to delivery the desired Certificates, Marks Certificates, Diplomas etc.

15. Passing of verious Bills of remunerations/honorarium related to examinations.

16. Receiving of Research papers and Thesis of M.Phil and Ph.D. Degree and sending it with relevant papers and documents to the Examiner/Specialist for it’s evaluation.

17. Receiving of report about Research and Thesis. Arranging of Viva–voce of M.Phil and Ph.D. students and then each File of those student is sent through the Vice–Chancellor of the University to the Academic Council and Syndicate for final approval. Afer awarding the degrees the result is published individually. The Thesis, Research paper and related abstract are sent to the Dhaka University Library and Publicacion section for preservation.

18. Supply and Printing of several forms. Beside this the office arranged to provide the amanuensis those who are blind or unable to write (Answer) by his/her won hand.

Location of important service points/sections:

Room No. 308 : Mark Sheet Preparation, Permission, Delivery & Transcript report.

Room No. 309 : Diploma/Provisional Certificates preparation and delivery, Varification report of Certificates and store.

Room No. 310 : Traditional Examination Preparation of the faculty of Medicine, Post Graduate Medical Science & research and affiliated/Constituent Colleges/Institutes. Declaration of Examination schedule, Entry form fill up & Deposit fees, issuance of Admit cards/Duplicate Admit cards and the correction of Name . etc.

M.Phil & Ph.D (research related activities), Certificate/Mark Sheet/ correction etc application form collection, permission to deposit fees and Certificate delivery.

Room No. 311 : Tabulation Sheets preparation and printing.

Room No. 330 : Examination Bill Section.

Room No. 338 : Course Final Examination Preparation of the faculty of Science,Biological Science,Pharmacy & Related Institutes. Declaration of Examination schedule, Entry form fill up & Deposit of fees, issuance of Admit cards. etc.

Room No. 339 : Course Final Examination Preparation of the faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, Law & Related Institutes. Declaration of Examination schedule, Entry form fill up & Deposit of fees, issuance of Admit cards/Duplicate Admit cards and the correction of Name . etc.