Welcome to Dhaka University ICT Cell

Dr. Muhammad Asif Hossain Khan
Director, ICT Cell
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Message From Director

With a view to bolstering the performance of the University’s on-going and envisioned academic, research, and administrative operations through innovative exploitation of the ICT products and services, the University of Dhaka launched its ICT Cell in November 2017. As the founding Director, it’s my privilege to serve this institution and undertake the challenge of steering it into an effective and successful one. Thanks to the dedicated team of a few members who are applying themselves under my guidance and with all-round support from the University’s top administration to confront and overcome the many challenges associated with developing a functional ICT Cell from scratch.

As to the core functions and procedures relating the operation and management of the University, the ICT Cell will strive for developing and rolling out innovative solutions to i) enhance the quality of research, teaching and learning, ii) boost the University’s overall online visibility, iii) ease the delivery of frequent services sought after by the students and faculty members, and iv) maximize productivity of the University staff. In creating and regularly updating the University’s website, the ICT Cell aims to deploy the insider knowledge so as to optimize the content and online visibility of the University at regional and international research and academia. Introduction of e-filing and automation of services provided through different offices will certainly move up the University’s performance with considerable saving in terms of physical labour and time, not to mention the associated mental stress. The success in installing automated systems in the offices of Accounts and Admission has motivated ICT Cell to undertake yet another endeavour – the automation of Examination Controller’s office, and will continue to motivate us to gradually consider other offices apparently known as laggards for automation.

The ICT Cell, in addition to augment the ICT products and services, will emphasize maintenance and innovative use of the existing ICT facilities including but not limited to campus-wide network, web services, IP telephony service, and the CCTV network in developing an efficient IT infrastructure that will better provide services insofar as covering the entire University community.