Head of Office:  Dr. Md. Rahmat Ullah
Designation:  Director


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Message from the Director

We are living in a knowledge based society. Today knowledge is a great capital for each society which has to be produced, transmitted and exploited to enrich the society.

The “Institutional Quality Assurance Cell” have general objective to promote a continuous process of evaluation through self-assessment and monitoring to improve the quality of education, research and governance at the University of Dhaka.

To pursue this objective the University of Dhaka has established “Institutional Quality Assurance Cell-DU (IQAC-DU) which conducted self-assessment survey in 73 Departments/Institutes from the period 01.01.2015 to 30.06.2018. During this period self-assessment survey was conducted on the existing academic programs, policies and practices at respective departments/institutions(Entity).

Five stakeholders namely— students, teachers, non-academic staffs, alumni and the employers took part in the process. On the basis of assessment by the stakeholders each entity prepared a self-assessment report on the basis of SWOT, which was reviewed by three members expert team (two quality experts and one subject expert) who gave their feedback with observations and recommendations on the report.

Following the feedback with observations and recommendations, each Department/Institution prepared their Post Self-Assessment Improvement Plan (PSAIP) to overcome the weaknesses and improve their quality of teaching-learning within the next three years. The IQAC-DU was the focal point and all the reports (SAR, Exit report and the final report of the expert team and PSAIP) were submitted to the Quality Assurance Unit (QUA) of the University Grants Commission.

In the outcome of the assessment process, it was found that the Self-Assessment practice has been Institutionalized within the University of Dhaka and the Departments/Institutes have acquainted with the assessment process which will provide opportunities to improve further qualities of teaching learning, research and governance through evaluating, monitoring and self-assessment practices. As a result, it is expected that the graduates will be capable to compete with others in job markets and will be able to contribute to the socio-economic development.

On the other hand, after the assessment, all the Departments/Institutes have set their Vision and Mission which will be achieved through preparation and implementation of academic and research action plans. All the Entities of the University of Dhaka (total 96) have undertaken to prepare outcome based curriculum, introducing lesson plan, teacher’s evaluation, and website development with detailed information of the entities.

So, to continue the assessment culturefor a fruitful result theMinistry of Higher Education, the University Grants Commission and the University of Dhaka have to formulate a holistic policy with a control mechanism.

I wish every success of the IQAC-DU endeavors.

Professor Dr. Md. RahmatUllah

Director, IQAC-DU

& Dean Faculty of Law, University of Dhaka

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