Faculty Name: Faculty of Engineering and Technology
Head of Office:  Dr. Md. Hasanuzzaman
Designation:  Dean (Acting)

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Dhaka University

The mission of the faculty is to explore new frontiers of Science Engineering and Technology through academic search and development. Our vision is to achieve highest Excellency in academic programs in the field of Engineering and Technology. We are committed to be an integral part in the struggle of Bangladesh for sustainable growth and development.

The faculty of Engineering and Technology was founded on June 26 2008, to meet the increasing demand of the respected field.. In the faculty we have combined teaching excellence, industry oriented research and development in global perspective.

The creation of the faculty is a plank of Dhaka University strategy to lead in the design and development of various courses and research in engineering disciplines. The integration of this discipline is essential to face challenges of twenty first century. The faculty reflects the dream and commitment of Dhaka University to fostering researches to deliver sustainable and secure infrastructure. In the faculty academic learning is supported by strong practical programs such as laboratory experiments, internships, projects undertaken jointly with industries etc. Students in this discipline have the opportunity to engage in real world activities like practical training in telecommunication networks, Mobile system engineering, material research, hardware and software development etc. Our course curriculum includes sophisticated knowledge and professional competence. The course curriculum of the faculty can be expressed in three categories.

The first category includes the study and analysis of the physical and chemical properties of matter, the use of materials in engineering and technology field by designing technology based of fundamental theory.

The second category includes the invention, improvement and the realization of new fabrication technology based of the properties of materials, such as electronic engineering, chemical engineering, information and computer technology etc. The third category of curriculum includes engineering science such as communication engineering, chemical engineering and computer engineering, computer architecture, development software.

The faculty aims at promoting employability, entrepreneurship, leadership, research aptitude among the students to contribute of the economic well being and technological developments of the country.