Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering
Department Name : Department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering

The Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, previously known as the Department of Applied Chemistry, was formally brought into existence on 14th August, 1972 and Dr. S.S.M.A. Khorasani was appointed Head of the Department. Originally the Department offered M.Sc. (Preliminary) and M.Sc.(Final) courses, each of one year duration. At present B.Sc. (Hons), M.Sc., M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees and offered by this Department. The research areas cover Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Chemical Technology, Polymer Science, Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Chemical Processing Technology, Energy Technology and Natural Product Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemistry, Photochemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Science of Materials, Petroleum Mining and Industrial Management, Petrochemicals etc. The departmental seminar provides facilities for holding technical lectures, group discussions and guest lectures. Most teachers have joint research projects with the different laboratories of Atomic Energy Commission, BCSIR, ICDDRB, and Petrobangla.