Institute Name : Institute of Energy

The whole world today relies heavily on fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas for its energy. The continuous depletion of reserve of these fuels as well as the fluctuation in the price of crude oil has made energy independence imperative. To develop sustainable energy systems and solutions for the future energy crises, the University of Dhaka has established the Institute of Renewable Energy with the following objectives:

  1. To do research and development activities in diverse areas of renewable energy technology
  2. To reduce dependence on non-renewable sources of energy and make Bangladesh energy independent
  3. To build new research groups for doing research in the field of low cost, high efficiency Solar Cells, Solar Photovoltaic Power, Solar Thermal Power and other fields of renewable energy
  4. To conduct academic programs like MS, M Phil, PhD in Renewable Energy Technology (RET)
  5. To develop manpower through short term training courses
  6. To conduct testing of various locally developed or imported devices of RET
  7. To make collaboration with local and international organizations and universities for education and research in the field of renewable energy
  8. To support in Demonstration, Dissemination, Awareness of sustainable energy technologies, Analysis of country’s specific problems etc. effectively
  9. To support energy policies of the country
  10. To educate and inform the general people including stakeholders that include residential, commercial, industrial and governmental organizations who are consumers of power and energy, the many benefit of renewable energy
  11. To seek funding, investments and donations for IRE from concerned citizens, organizations and companies that will fund the IRE’s grants, research and development
  12. IRE will find (it possible) research and development of all RETs, as well as provide consulting advise to the activities of green energy