Department Name : Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology was established in the Faculty of Pharmacy in 2003 to offer specialized postgraduate courses. The Department of Pharmaceutical Technology offers a degree in Master of Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Technology) to about 20 students in every academic year after completion of their 4-year B. Pharm (Hons) course. The faculties of the department are actively involved in various research activities and the department also offers M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees in Pharmaceutical Technology. The course curriculum of the department is designed to provide the students knowledge about the typical industrial pharmaceutical operation, its management, modern sophisticated technology on pharmaceutical manufacturing, development and marketing. Master of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutical Technology offers following courses - Advanced Pharmaceutical Manufacturing (Compulsory), Advanced Pharmaceutical Technology (Compulsory), Advanced Bio-pharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics (Compulsory) Pharmaceutical Industrial Management (Optional),Food and Cosmetics (Optional), Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (Optional), Pharmaceutical Marketing (Optional). The research areas include Bioactivity Guided Compound Isolation, Identification and Characterization from Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Safety Studies, Rational Drug Use, Drug Delivery System, Drug-Protein Interactions, Drug Bio availability Studies, Health and Reproductive, Health Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Product, Medicinal Chemistry, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring in Clinical Settings, Development of Cancer Chemo-preventive Agents by Targeting Cellular Signal Transduction Network and Bio-pharmaceutics Studies.