Department Name : Department of Islamic History & Culture

Department of Islamic History and Culture was established in 1948. Before its emergence as a separate department, some courses of Islamic History were taught as part of the syllabi of the Department of History. The Department offers a four-year B.A Honours. The M.A. is a one-year programme for those who have a B.A. (Honours) degree in Islamic history from a recognized university. The syllabi offer comprehensive graduate and post-graduate programmes in the political, socio-economic and cultural history of the Muslim world. The M.A course curriculum is divided into three branches: History of Modern Muslim States, Socio-Economic History of Medieval Muslim States and the History of Muslim Art and Archaeology. M. Phil and Ph.D. programmes are normally of two and three years duration respectively. The M. Phil programme requires one year course work followed by a thesis resulting from student's research work. Ph.D. is based on research which has to be submitted in the form of a thesis. The Department established the 'Abu Mohammed Habibullah Memorial Library' in honour of Dr. A.B.M. Habibullah, late Professor of Islamic History and an internationally renowned historian. The Department also established an archaeological museum named as 'M. R. Tarafdar Memorial Museum' in memory of Dr. Momatzur Rahman Tarafdar, late Professor of Islamic History and a dis- tinguished historian. It has a collection of rare coins,plates, along with some statues and inscriptions of historical importance. The Museum has a small library with rare and valuable books on art and painting, architecture and archaeology.