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Welcome to the Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies Dhaka University (IDMVS). IDMVS was founded as an Institute from the Department of Sociology in 2012 by Dhaka University and the Government of Bangladesh as a direct response of the University to the increasing concern on Disaster Management.

Climate Change deterioration leading to the disaster s in the country’s context and the need to develop human resources for the proper management of the environment and natural resources. Its mandate is to promote the development of the management of disaster and natural resources through training and research in many aspects of Bangladesh’s environment and natural resources.

IDMVS operates within the vision of Dhaka University, which is to “To be a leading institution for academic excellence and innovations on disaster management in Asia”. The mission of IDMVS is “To build capacity through training and research for disaster management responsive to national and global needs”.

The professional goal of the Institute is to contribute to the evolution of development and adaptation strategies, which are compatible with a healthy environment, its conservation as well as sustainable use of natural resources nationally and globally. IDMVS is committed to ensuring that as Bangladesh develops, there are adequate human resources to address the environmental challenges associated with development and as a result IDMVS has developed a variety of programmes geared to that effect.

IDMVS offers an undergraduate programme, PGDDM, PM, in Disaster management; we provide our undergraduate and master’s students with the opportunity to participate in field attachment. Students are attached to different organizations where they apply theories, concepts and techniques in real-life experiences. This also strengthens partnerships with our stakeholders. At the end of the first semester our graduate students are involved in an infield comprehensive training in data collection techniques and report writing and presentation. After this training, students collect data, analyse it and write short project reports that are presented and graded. The second year of the graduate training involves research and writing up of a thesis. We strive to provide our students, the very best education and training opportunities designed to enable each and every student to make the most of their potential and achieve their ambitions.

IDMVS has a strong interdisciplinary team of researchers. The researchers have expertise in Disaster management and natural resources assessment and monitoring. We initiate, co-ordinate and commission research, in all aspects of environment and natural resources and make available the results of such research by all appropriate means. We also conduct outreach activities to disseminate the solutions beyond the Dhaka University. We Compile, store and analyse Disaster management and natural resources data in order to package it for use by decision makers and the public. We provide the expertise needed for pre- and post-implementation assessment of projects, programmes and policies on Disaster management.

IDMVS works closely with Government institutions and maintains close ties with other departments of Dhaka University as well as donor agencies and other institutions both within and outside Bangladesh. It is through such collaboration that IDMVS now has modern GIS laboratory, as well as stocked library, hosts the National Disaster and Biodiversity Data bank and is in charge of the Dhaka University Disaster management.

IDMVS is planning to have modern ICT equipment with over ……. computers, with computer: user rations of 1:1 for staff and 1:5 for students. And all the computers at IDMVS will be connected to the Local Area Network (LAN) and Internet. In addition, the Institute has already secured a modern GIS equipment, LCD projectors, and Smart Interactive blackboards, a TV set, Digital Cameras, a Video Deck and GPS’s.

We are grateful to the multiple organizations and individual development partners and donors whose involvement with us has led to the accomplishment of the activities presented on this website. Please browse the site and experience the impacts of the Institute. Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.




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