Department Name : Department of History





The Department of History was one of the twelve teaching departments of the University of Dhaka which formally opened on 1 July 1921 with Dr. Ramesh Chandra Majumder as Professor and Head. The first M. A. examination under the Dhaka University syllabus was held in 1923 while that of B.A. (Hons.) examination was held in 1924. Islamic History and Culture was included in the B. A. (Hons.) and M. A. (Preliminary) curriculum of the department in 1929.

Eminent historians, to mention a few, like Dr. Kalika Ranjan Kanungo, Professor Susobhan Chandra Sarkar, Dr. A. H. Dani, Dr. Abdul Karim and Dr. Mafizullah Kabir had long association with the Department.

The Department offers a four-year B. A. Honours course and M. A. courses of one year duration. The M.A. courses are offered in three groups viz, a. South Asia in Ancient and Modern Times, b. South Asia in Modern Times, and c. International History. Department also offers two-year M.Phil which requires one-year course work and PhD programmes.

The Department has its own library with about 3000 entries. The History Research Centre functions as a wing of the Department.

The History Department is committed to promoting discussion of unresolved historical questions that are being debated in the discipline. For many years now, it has followed a tradition of holding international conferences jointly with the History Association. One important annual event is the Shahid Buddhijibi Smarak Baktrita (Lecture in memory of the Martyred intellectuals)

There are a number of financial aid programmes for meritorious and needy students. Among these are the Shahid Gyias Uddin Memorial Stipend and Shewli Memorial Scholarships. There are also limited stipends available from Alumni donations.

The Dhaka University History Department Alumni Association meets at least once a year providing a wonderful opportunity for reunion and networking. A magazine is also published which updates members on latest alumni happenings and contains a useful directory.