Department Name : Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology

The Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology was established in 2003 under the Faculty of Pharmacy of Dhaka University. Since the inception of this prestigious department, it has been offering all the vital subjects related to Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacology in Master Courses. The goal of the department is to educate competent and talented professionals who will contribute to the health care system at home and abroad. One year M. Pharm (Master of Pharmacy) is the degree offered to students who obtain the four year Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons.) degree. M. Phil (Master of Philosophy) and Ph. D. degrees are also offered to pharmacy medical graduates. Faculty members of this department are involved in extensive research on the chemistry and pharmacology of synthetic and natural products, arsenic poisoning, and rational use of drugs, drug-protein interaction and molecular and genomic science. Prof. Dr. A.K. Azad Chowdhury of the Department is working on photochemical investigation of natural products: structure elucidation of active ingredients and screening of various pharmacological and toxicological properties of the natural products. A number of teachers and students are working with him on Rational Use of Drugs. An International Research Project titled "Studying and implementing the monitoring- training planning strategy to ensure the rational use of injections in Bangladesh" sponsored by the SING Project, WHO-Geneva, has been completed. The Project was part of a multi-country study to evaluate the affectivity of the intervention Monitor Training-Planning (MIP) in reducing the use of avoidable therapeutic injections globally. The finding is awaiting publication as a book by WHO-Geneva. Prof. Muniruddin Ahmed. Prof. Nazmul Qais, Prof. Md. Saiful Islam and Dr. Mohammad Shawkat Ali are working on natural products and study of their pharmacological activities and rational use of drugs. Dr. Abul Hasnat is involved in pharmacokinetics properties of drugs, bioequivalence study, immunological study, pathophysiology of psychiatric patients and molecular biology. He has also expertise in bioinformatics.