Department Name : Department of Botany

The Department of Botany is one of the oldest departments of the University of Dhaka and is the first plant science department in the country. Botany was initially taught in the Department of Biology that was established in 1939 and later became an independent department in 1954. Since its inception, the Department has produced a large number of botanists and acted as the feeder department for other universities and research institutes of the country. The department offers B.S. (Honours), M.S., M. Phil and Ph. D. degrees. The Department has facilities to carry out advanced research in the areas of cytogenetics, ecology, phycology, hydrobiology, limnology, microbiology, mycology, higher cryptogams, genetics, plant pathology, plant breeding, plant physiology, plant tissue culture, plant molecular biology, taxonomy of flowering plants and plant systematics. The department has a herbarium with over 5000 specimens. It has also a botanical garden with facilities to conduct field experiments. The Department has a pool of sophisticated equipments required to carry out various research. The graduate students undertake collaborative research with scientists of various organizations like AERE, BARI, BCSIR, BJRI, BIRDEM, BNH and ICDDR, B. The Department is proud of its well-trained teaching and research staff. The Department publishes Bangladesh Journal of Botany and Plant Tissue Culture & Biotechnology journals regularly. The Department has active collaborations with the University of Hannover, University of Hamburg, University of Kiel and Technical University of Dresden, of Germany and also with Hiroshima University and Utsunomiya University of Japan.